Perth Brewery, a mainstay business in Lanark County since 1993, is quickly becoming one of the most recognizable brands across the province, and according to co-owner Jeremy Steeves the company is just getting started.

In the beginning, the brewery focused on offering customers the ‘brew your own’ experience, the newest innovations have come in the area of retail sales.
“The craft-brewing industry has really taken off in the last few years, especially in the area of retail sales in restaurants and pubs and that is the shift we are working toward here,” Steeves said.

Perth Brewery continues to pursue more and more opportunities to get its beer into restaurants and pubs and has also expanded into the LCBO, Beer Store outlets and even local grocery store shelves across the province.

“There is a real shift happening in our business and it is on the micro-brewery side where the growth is,” Steeves said. “That growth is supporting our expansion plans and we want to see what kind of impact we can make in the retail industry.”

The future certainly appears bright for the energetic Steeves and Perth Brewery beer which as well as being featured in a large number of bars and restaurants in Eastern Ontario is also regularly the beer most people see being served at special events in and around Lanark County.

With mobile draft equipment the Brewery can attend events across the the province, providing new customers an opportunity to see what all the fuss is about. And with an awesome storefront location and tasting bar, customers can do beer tastings to make sure they are taking home all of the great beers that the local brewery has become famous for.

Perth Brewery was recognized at the National Capital Craft Beer Festival in Ottawa where they received the People’s Choice Award every day during the three-day event.

The brand continues to expand bringing new products on-line seasonally and have a wide range of popular options. If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to stop by and check them, what are you waiting for!

Congratulations to Perth Brewery and here’s to continued success, growth, brand recognition and the winning of new generations of fans!